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The Concept & Idea

The original idea of this design project is for dementia patients and their caregivers. Since this venture... BRAIN-U-WORK!!! It means that "Brain you still can work(functionin at a certain level of cognitive )". You will understand more about the design works and project after you finsh this website.

You may download the app (Beta Version) in purpose to app lovers and portable digital devices lovers. There are over 14 design template for the puzzle game app for you and your beloved ones.

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The Video footages are directed and produced by SKY HUI. The contents are in purpose to let users to understand this design products and the purpose of it. We can tell from the video that how the puzzle can interactive with you and your friends. Thought interaction, users can maintain and keep their mind and cognitive in good stages.

This Project

What is it? How to play and how it works!

The actual users experience and test

In order to support the underprivilage people, I will offer a series puzzle for them (Special the dementia patients and their caregivers). Moreover, children and young people who have ADHD or emotional problem are also my target audiences to support.


This designed toy can be a practical tool for occupation therapist, psychiatric, outreach trainer for dementia patients, stroke patients, physical damage patient, emotional disturbing people, or stressed people... etc.

By using the puzzle, caregiver or occupation therapist can provide their help to support the patients to reducing the progressive deterioration of brain cell.

What We Do

  • Design a series of Puzzle Templates for users to play
  • The design work aims to keep the the cognitive of demetia patient
  • Providing another choice for dementia patient and their caregiver
  • The Offline verison with anti-bacterial and virus coating to kill the COVID-19 and H1N1, in order to protect users from fatal substance
  • Online Version (Beta) is free download for public special the caregivers and the needy

Additional Services

This design aims to tackle the cognitive problem caused by dementia diseases under the COVID-19 outbreak, in order to fight against the virus, Mr. HUI also apply the nano technology coating on the puzzle pieces.

Users can avoid the virus infection. Because the coating can kill the COVID-19 and H1N1.Physical contact or shape and form understanding, communication with the one they can trust, it can build up their confidence when they play the puzzles, it can enhance the interaction between users. Therefore, both patients and their caregivers can enjoy the game.

About Us


The reason of this design an interactive puzzle Patients gradually deteriorate with impaired functioning in daily activities. Some also have emotional and behavioral problems, such as Alzheimer"s disease. The disease affects phyical change of the brain and is getting worst progressively over time.

As a caregiver of the patient is not an easy matter. The mission and objective of the project: Brain-U-Work is an eco-design project by using design works for dementia patient. It would be an interesting experience for patient and their caregivers, service providers such as trainers, social workers, nurses...etc when playing the puzzles.

Idea & inspiration

It is time for us to develop a dementia concern and protective object for the public. It’s handy, easy and sustainable puzzle attempting to address local problems by offering design and innovative solutions.

The reason of this design an interactive puzzle is becasue the founder Mr.SKY HUI has had experience to taking care of his family members they have dementia disease.


In fact, job offers can be provided through the production of the Designed Puzzle and there are collaborateions between different communities(disabled in phyical or mental; unemployed or under employed people; underprivilaged people, and also collabrated with NGOs which supporting those people). We are proud of delivering the message of caring and protecting Hong Kong for the needy and giving their works to the others in need.

The Goal of this Venture/Project

This venture/ Project aims to design and develop a puzzle game, with both offline and online versions, to help dementia patients interact and communicate with their families, caregivers and friends in order to defer the progressive cognitive deterioration of the dementia patients.

The collection - Online App and Offline Puzzle Toy

The online app version please feel free to download;

The Offline version please click the page for the details.

Online App


Offline Puzzle Toy