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Camera, Stationary and more...

The collections are handmade, polished, designed and produced by Mr. Hui.  Burnt treatment can outstanding the unique and special wood grain and age ring of each wooden product items.  They are Included: Wooden Photo Album; Wooden Organiser... And Mr. Hui  also design some other design items as leather camera strap, mobile photo/compact camera Strap... etc

The idea of Hui's creations are re-think and re-develope the ancient technology and apply in updated substance to create urban concern, timeless,  substanable and eleglance design pieces.


Wooden Photo-Album:


Materials: Wooden Cover /  Refill- 2 holes - paper PP  / Nylon or polyester banner/ stainness steel photo clip/ picker



Wooden Organiser Collections:

Materials: Wooden- front and back cover / Paper- Refill: calender, soild memo, notes, organiser filler/ polyester banner





Materials: Wooden- front and back cover /Paper- calender, soild memo, notes, organiser filler/ Leather- book mark/ polyester banner

PS: The refill materials as memo / calender paper for organizer(S) and (M), you can get them from any local stationaries shop or MUJI.





Materials: Wooden - front and back cover / Real Leather with camera icon - bookmark/ Paper- calender, soild memo, note book, organiser filler
P.S.- all the refill materials you can found in locol stationaries store and MUJI

Since making paper, manufactorer need to take the tissue from trees / woods and using chemicals to bleach or die those materials.  The cabron foot print and pollution will be produce more than using wood piece directly.



Miniature Wooden Camera Charm

Extra-ordinary out of ordinary design charms















Wooden Flame: design for home deco and installations





















Genuine Leather Collection

Leather Camera Strap for Mark I  & other cameras
~ 100% Genuine Leather
~ Metal liaison - Locking Slide on attachment band
The adjustable sling is attached with leather strap. The Camera strap collection is the nicest looking fit as they are slimmer and match the elegance and minimal design concerned with aesthetics.

Leather and Leather: leather Camera Strip


















Leather and tough farbic: Camera Strip


















Leather Strip for Compact camera with charms


















Leather Key Holder







SKYHUI WORKS & CREATIONS; Designed by SKY, Kam Yat HUI; 2012