is founded by Mr. Sky, Hui Kam Yat.   It is a creative design, media and art related organization.

His project Wooden made Pinhole Camera, is branded "PIN-CAM ERA" as an sub-brand and also a project of SKYHUI Works & Creations for camera making artwork.

The idea of Hui's creations are re-think and re-develope the ancient technology and apply in updated substance to create urban concern, timeless,  substanable and eleglance design pieces.

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All about traditional exposure - classic camera operating system

Camera Proto-types:
Before Mr. Hui produces his art pieces, he also do his research and workout some prototype cameras.  The idea of these prototypes are using waste wooden board (construction used wooden panel board) collected from street.

After hand polished, desgin and develope they become Mr. Hui's fine Prototypes

Why pinhole? Why wooden material?

Pinhole photography is the idea of classic and traditional image capturing system, without glass or arylic lenses. We just need a small pinhole on a sheet metal or plastic, even alluminium foil paper.

The idea of using wooden material is environmental friendly and keep anyones close to nature.   Besides of the above mentioned, I will prefer using wood to make my camera directly more than paper.

Since making paper, manufactorer need to take the tissue from trees / woods and using chemicals to bleach or die those materials.  The cabron foot print and pollution will be produce more than using wood piece directly.




About SkyHui

Mr. Hui is a creative designer and also is a media producer.  He has years experiences in design, visual graphics, media productions and creative writing experience in Hong Kong and U.K..

For him film making, creative writing, illustration and drawing are also his favorite.



SKYHUI WORKS & CREATIONS; Designed by SKY, Kam Yat HUI; 2012