Natural Wooden Camera with hand polished and Vintage treatment
Handmade Natural Wooden Origanzer with charm
Natural Wooden Camera with hand polished and Vintage treatment


It is an eco and traditional knowledge concern brand with art and design oriented practices.

Handmade, less pollution and focusing on detail are also the important matter for the brand.


  • Wooden Camera - Handmade with vintage treatment art-piece
  • Wooden Handmade stationaries
  • Art Photo Works & Moving Images
  • Online Gallery
  • Contact form

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Here is just a few online media for worldwide audiences

“The Update” - event & media

Design Mart @ K11, 2012

The design mart 2012 is helding at K11, SKYHUI WORKS & CREATIONS is one of the trented suring this design event. The updated products as Wooden Camera, Photo-Album, Organzier will be shown. And the update design works and Tripod and leather-wares are also be shown please visit us on 13-14 and 20-21, Oct, 2012 at 1st floor counter No. 30 just face opposite to Levi's Store.

See U there

Exhibition @ JCCLYM Plus

Mr. Hui Kam Yat, the founder of SKYHUI WORKS & CREATIONS is invited to held his exhibitions at JCCLYM Plus. To show his talented art pieces as wooden camera and proto-type works, wooden scripture, photos and video...etc.

SKYHUI WORKS & CREATIONS; Designed by SKY, Kam Yat HUI; 2012